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Industrial flat roofs are basically horizontal and level. They are designed to be used for other purposes such as storing equipment, living and even as jet pads. It’s an old Egyptian type of architecture that is functional in areas where it never rains.

How can I extend life span of industrial flat roof?

Any material used to cover a flat roof to make it more durable is called a membrane. The purpose of a membrane is to allow water to run off to the gutters without standing still on the roof. If the flat roof is left uncovered, water and other factors will cause it to crack and start allowing water into the building structure hence causing tremendous damage.

How do I choose the right industrial flat roof system?

There are different types of flat roof systems in the market. This list of their advantages and disadvantages will help you to know the most suitable roof coating for your building;

  1. Built-up Roof

This is the cheapest and most attractive form of coating in any flat roof. Its top is basically gravel that looks very nice and is a great insulator against heat. However, it’s very heavy and requires the original roof to be reinforced first with joists. Doing this will a lot of time and money.

  1. Modified Bitumen

This coating is a single ply system that is peeled and stuck on the original roof surface. The advantage of this roofing system is that it’s easy to apply and it saves energy cost because it reflects the sun. However, it’s delicate and cannot handle much traffic.

  1. PVC and EPDM

This roof coating systems are both single ply. One is rubber and the other is plastic. They are very durable and reflect light incredibly well. They are easy to install and cannot allow water to pass through or stand still. However, they both have seams that need to be glued together and this reduces its durability.

  1. Spray-Applied Coating

This coating system uses sprayed silicone. Its seamless application makes it very durable and cannot pond water. Silicone reflects the sun very well and saves energy. Spray applied silicone coating is easy to apply but it’s the most expensive roof coating system available in the market.

What Are The Industrial Roofing Contractors Warranties?

All roofs require two warranties; manufacturers and contractors. Every new or old type of roofing material or system must come with 5 to 20 years of warranty. It means that if the roof leaks or cracks before that the manufacturer will replace it for free.

Most industrial roofing companies provide you with a warranty to cover their workmanship. Ensure this warranty is clearly explained in writing. In case their work is substandard the contractor will repeat it at no extra cost or refund the money. It’s usually 2 to 3 years. Make sure you are clear on what factors will default the warranties.

Do you sub-contract industrial flat roofing work out?

Harold Hall has the best industrial roofing contractors in the Mid-South. We are an authorized applicator of modern roof coating systems and we are well insured to do it. Harold Hall technicians have many years of experience and training to replace, install and maintain all types of roofs. However, sometimes we do subcontract industrial flat roofing when work is too much or a new technology is required.

Call us today if you want economical, energy efficient and environmental friendly industrial flat roofing.

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