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In recent years, inclement weather conditions have caused a variety of problems to roofing structures around the country. Increased rainfall has heightened the risk of standing water to accumulate and leak through, while severe winds have created a wind uplift effect, causing damage to roofs and creating long-standing structural issues. Strong storms and hurricanes can cause significant damage, compromising your building's safety and even causing lengthy disruptions to your business operations. This has made installing quality commercial roof flashing increasingly  important.

However, installing the proper flashing requires knowledge of which roofing system will work best for your building as well as skilled workmanship. An inexperienced roofing contractor could install the incorrect flashing, opt for lower quality materials and make mistakes in the installation process. This will leave you with a faulty roof and is a disaster waiting to happen. Without a valid warranty, you'll be left with an even bigger problem than before you started.

We Offer the Best Roof Flashing

Harold Hall Roofing offers the best roofing services in Memphis & throughout the Mid-South, ensuring that you dealing with a knowledgeable and experienced roof specialist. We employ the best quality eco-friendly flashing fabricated using advanced proven technology. The Duro-Last roofing system will give you a wind-resistant, energy efficient roof that is able to withstand force as well as reduce the possibility for tears and punctures. On top of our top quality flashing materials, our team of specialists offers the best and most reliable workmanship in the industry. They have completed various trainings and courses and have decades of experience in installing Duro-Last roofing for our satisfied customers.


  • Why install a skylight?

    A skylight can be a great visual addition to your home as it enables more sunlight to enter during the day as well as giving you a sight of the night sky. Also, a skylight can be a great way to vent commercial space if placed in the correct position of the roof. We offer a variety of skylights with added shading, remote control operation systems or insect screens.
  • What is the best time to chimney repair?

    If you have a chimney that is in need of repair, you should definitely consider repairing it before you install your new roof. Flashing needs to be secured well around the chimney in order to prevent leaks or rust from forming.
  • My contractor reused the existing flashings on my roof and after he finished installing the new roof, shouldn't that be included in the work?

    A reliable and trustworthy contractor will explain every step of the procedure, making sure you understand what is included in the service and what is not. Unfortunately, it is possible that new 'flashings' were not included in the services that you agreed to. Make sure to check the contract that you signed to see what was included in the contractor's service.
  • How can ice dams be reduced or removed?

    Ice formed at the edge of your roof can cause significant problems and prevent the melted ice or snow from draining off of your roof. If the ice is thick or you have difficulty accessing your roof, it's best to contact a professional to help you with the ice dam.

If you are concerned about damage to your roof or are interested in making changes to your roof flashing, make sure you contact Harold Hall Roofing, the best commercial roof flashing company in the Mid-South. Don't hesitate to call 866-649-9725 for a free quote today!

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