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The roof is the first line of defense against all natural elements such as wind, hail, snow, rain, and even extreme heat. This also makes it more vulnerable than any other part of your building. Day after day, a typical roof is exposed to numerous harmful elements that lead to its gradual deterioration. We understand exactly how tedious and expensive commercial roof replacement can get, especially if it’s something you have to do every few years due to poor maintenance. You are not alone. There are lots of people who regret putting their faith in the hands of amateur roofers with no idea where to begin large scale projects. If your commercial roof is either installed incorrectly or composed of substandard materials, you’re in for a cold, wet, expensive mess.

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What a Bad Roof Means for You

Whether you expect it or not, commercial roof problems are always a windy day away and often cost a fortune. The integrity of your commercial roof depends largely on the quality of materials used, geographical location, roof use, weather, the level of abuse and even how well you maintain it. If all the above factors fall below optimum levels, it could lead to one of the quickest deterioration rates in the industry. In such a situation, lots of things could go downhill quickly.

This includes leaks, and moisture build up, ponding water, roof shrinkage, cracking, and even erosion. Nobody wants to operate under hazardous conditions where a leaking roof could collapse at any minute. Something as simple as a tiny roof blow-off or puncture could set your commercial roof up for total demolition if high winds pass by. Not only is this highly dangerous for the people in the building, but torrential rains could also damage every piece of furniture or machinery under the roof. Without a prompt and effective commercial flat roof replacement, this could cause some very devastating losses, so dire that some businesses might not come out on top.

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Trust Us For Quality Roof Replacement Contractors

At Harold Hall Roofing, we understand and appreciate the importance of feeling safe and secure under your commercial roof. This is why all our efforts are geared towards providing the highest quality roofing for total customer satisfaction. With millions of square meters of roofing under our name, it’s quite easy to see why everyone prefers us. Our highly skilled contractors have delivered excellence time and time again by utilizing the best roofing system in the world, Duro-Last.

If you are tired of being charged an arm and a leg for commercial roofing services that never seem to last, it’s time to give the real professionals a ring. Harold Hall Roofing Company is fully bonded and licensed in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Arkansas.

As the country’s most trusted commercial roof replacement contractor, we offer a manufacturer’s no dollar limit warranty. Even with virtually no maintenance, our roofing systems last longer than almost any other type in the commercial roof sector. With a Harold Hall Roof, every measure possible is taken to ensure your roofing needs are taken care of.

FAQs about commercial roof replacement

Q: My roof leaks. Do I need to have it replaced completely?

A: In many cases, leaks and holes on your commercial roof can be fixed without necessarily replacing the entire roof. This is far more convenient and costs effective for the building owner. However, it is recommended that you have a certified contractor inspect the commercial roof before making any decisions.

Q: How will I know when it’s time to replace a roof?

A: There are numerous tell-tale signs that your roof needs to be replaced immediately. Typically, most commercial roofs are replaced after about 20 years of service. However, factors such as excessive leakages, rotten decking, ruptured insulation, and uplifts might call for replacement sooner rather than later.

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Q: Is it better to replace a roof or simply add another layer?

A: Here, the state where you live determines how many times you can install a new commercial roof over the old one. If the overall weight is too much, this could create a potentially hazardous environment. While going over the old roof has numerous benefits such as fewer materials used and cheaper labor, it is always important to critically assess the state of the old roof for things like rotting and sagging.

Q: I have solar panels, do they need to be removed before my roof is replaced?

A: Yes. Many panel designs are firmly bolted to the commercial roof. This means that they must be removed before the new roof comes on, and then mounted later on after installation.

Q: Do I need a building permit when I replace a roof?

A: Every type of construction requires a building permit. When carrying out a commercial flat roof replacement, make sure your contractor has a building permit.

Q: Will there be any added costs above and beyond the replacement proposal?

A: Although a typical commercial roof replacement does not carry any additional charges and fees, it is important to note that every case carries unique circumstances. Cases where there are hidden damage or unexpected issues are sure to have added costs.

Should I have any masonry walls that intersect my roof looked at before my roof is replaced

A: Having any masonry walls that desperately need repair looked at is a very prudent thing to do. However, make sure you have a professional mason check things out and carry out repairs either during or before the roofing date.

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If you wish to get consultations or inspections for your commercial roof, contact our office today where you can also get a complete commercial roof replacement. If you have any questions, thoughts or comments feel free to ask the leading commercial roof replacement contractor anything and everything.

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