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Some roofing systems expose buildings to the effects of rain, interior drips, extreme temperatures, ice build-ups, rust, and corrosion. This leaves homeowners under serious safety concerns with huge sums of money expected to be used to fix such problems.

The Duro-Shield roofing in Memphis is designed to protect buildings against such potential causes of roof damages, enhancing durability.

It is manufactured to its exact size in a controlled factory environment. It is this precision fabrication that eliminates up to 85% of installation seaming to ensure an exceptional fit.

The Duro-Last ® roofing system has saved significant energy and money for all types of facilities throughout North America. The Duro-Last ® white membrane is the only single-ply membrane rated by the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Roof Products Program with the highest retained reflectivity, proving it is incredibly energy-efficient.

The Duro-Last ® roofing system has a standard comprehensive 15-year full warranty, which covers even the consequential damages that can result from defects in the material and installation. It has no exclusions for pooling water and is transferable, as well. This is, by far, one of the industry’s best warranties. To top it all off, 20-year warranties are also available.

The durability of the Duro-Last ® roofing system is the reason behind that unparalleled warranty. It is resistant to fire, grease, strong winds, chemicals, and varied temperature extremes. It is no wonder that over a billion square feet of Duro-Last ® membrane has been installed on various types of buildings since 1978.

Installation is also as easy as they come, without any loud machinery, dangerous chemicals, toxic fumes, or hot tar. It can often be installed over an existing roof without any expensive hassles.

Only authorized contractors must install the Duro-Shield roofing system to enjoy worry-free and leak-proof long-term protection.

Why is Duro-Shield Roofing Important?

This roofing system has a ply membrane designed to fit your metallic roof. This saves building owners installation labor costs up to between 80 and 85%. Compared to other roofing systems Duro-Shield roofing system is less sensitive to workmanship. The quality of a roofing system is independent of the bonding of layers, and this helps prevent the accumulation of ponding water.

Our company guarantees puncture resistance because we use the polyester reinforcement approach. You will be pleased to know that this system boosts strength against strong winds. Our clients have talked about how the Duro-Shield roofing system reduces the shrinkage of membranes.

Because it is a mechanically attached roof, the Dura system it is easy to repair and maintain. Damaged parts are easy to identify. Our team of experts will construct it in a way that allows building expansion and contraction. Its heat-welded seams are not affected by UV light, chemicals, or ponding water. Duro-Shield roofing in Memphis is prefabricated to save time during installation.

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Is the Duro-Shield Roofing System Energy-Efficient?

We use the white Duro-Shield Roofing System that reflects 86% of UV radiation, and this helps our clients record a massive reduction in conditioning costs. Since the Duro-Shield retrofit roofing system is mechanically attached, large amounts of insulation help to prevent loss of energy through heat.

If the time has taken its toll on your metal roof, why don’t you consider the Duro-Shield metal retrofit system? It is energy-efficient, resistant to chemicals, fire, and strong winds, and is fundamentally maintenance-free. Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will show you how a Duro-Shield metal retrofit roofing system can help you get rid of leaks and strengthen your investment.

What Code Approvals (National, Local, Wind Ratings) Does Duro-Last Meet?

The Duro-Shield Roofing System is made to meet or go beyond all local and national roofing industry approval standards. The prefabrication of this roofing system allows us to tailor the roof in a way that it meets some of the required conditions before the work commences.

What Services Will Duro-Last Provide To Ensure That The Roofing System is Properly Designed & Installed?

Our company will work with you from the initial stages of design up to the final inspection phase. With the recommended scheduling, Duro-Last will help you to evaluate the state of existing roofing systems and identify specifications on your roofing project. When installing, Duro-Last ensures that that the roof is installed according to specifications. On completion of a commercial roof, Duro-Last quality assurance professionals will come to the site and inspect the roof to make sure it complies with Duro-Last specifications. We give access to all contractors, building owners, and architects/engineers involved in the roofing project.

We at Harold Hall Commercial Roofing will always use our broad knowledge and experience to make sure we design and build for you a Duro-Shield roofing system that has been tailored to perfection. We stop at nothing other than top quality.

Contact us any time and let our Duro-Shield roofing experts give your roof permanent protection against all damages. You can call our customer care desk now on 1-866-819-5527 for Duro-Shield roofing in Memphis TN.

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