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Commercial Roof Repair in Memphis TN

Any roof will deteriorate after a long period of time. Its natural wear-and-tear will cause it to deteriorate faster if there's no regular proper maintenance.

Harsh weather with strong wind and heavy rain can be a threat to your roof. It can damage the surface which can eventually lead to leaks. Birds like woodpeckers will drill holes on your roof while searching for insects. Tree branches can also contribute to the loosening of your roof when they fall on it.

Why Choose Us For Commercial Roof Repair?

Nobody wants to reside in poor or faulty living/working conditions. Why wait till your roof starts leaking? Don’t wait till the rainy season to start repairing your roof. We, at Harold Hall Roofing, will help you detect and fix any damages before affects your building and your profits.

We carry out routine inspection and maintenance to make sure that your roof is capable of withstanding all threats.

We can even take care of insects that find their way up to the roof like termites and carpenter ants that eat their way to the eaves and fascia boards on your roof. We will provide a permanent solution to every kind of commercial roofing problem.


  • How long does it take to finish a commercial roof repair?

    This all depends on the season, size and complexity of your roof. Unforeseen issues like getting rid of your old unit, increasing the size of the roofing crew will need to be considered. It will take us a few days for a small and simple roof. Big and complex roof setups will take a little longer to handle.
  • Do you have an emergency commercial roofing repair service?

    Yes, let us know you have an emergency and we will head over right away. We can also provide you with more personnel than those we have on regular repairs to make sure your problem is fixed as urgently as required.
  • Are repairs an option for my roof?

    It is only through inspection that we can determine whether your roof needs a repair, replacement or just maintenance. Potential problems with your roofing system must be identified in time to avoid calling for a repair when the situation has gotten out of hand. Keeping an eye on the state of your roof will save you money in the long term.
  • Do you offer warranty for commercial repair work?

    Yes, 100%. If we discover that a roof we repaired has relapsed, we will not hesitate to come around and take another look at it.
  • How much will commercial roof repair cost?

    This will be determined by your location, season of the year, type of materials needed, size of the building and labor rates. Generally, the average roof replacement cost varies between $215 and $323 per square meter. That said always focus on the quality of materials and expertise of personnel rather than the cost.

  • My roofer tells me that additional wood repair might be required; is this normal?

    This is normal because it is a recommendation put forth after inspection. It is better to prevent further damage by using additional wood than having to pay for repair over and over again simply because you did not take everything in consideration, costs notwithstanding. Put quality first if you are looking for a repair that will last and provide value for your money.

  • How hard is it to repair a leaking roof?

    It can be as easy as ABC. It can also be highly complex. This depends on the extent of damage, the tools, materials and technique to be used. It is difficult to locate some roof leaks especially when water is seen at a ceiling point far from the leak itself. Small holes can be easily fixed using a patching system.

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Our professionals at Harold Hall Roofing will always come to your assistance. We act fast to serve our clients and our prices are very competitive. Contact us right away and let our commercial roof repair professionals fix your problem.

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