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Energy Efficient Roofing in Memphis TN

Most energy costs come from heating and cooling. No customer or employee wants to feel comfortable because of temperature inside your business premises. It is a bad business image if customers only remember your business by how you kept them dehydrated. In order to prevent this issue you have to balance cost with customer and employee satisfaction not to mention staying within the law for temperature ranges within your commercial premises.

Why Choose Cool Roof?

Bright or white roofs are 50 to 60 degrees cooler than dark roofs. They minimize the cooling load on your business premises, saving both energy and money. By reducing UV radiation gain and heat retention of your building, a white roof feels very comfortable to your customers.

Our company will help you replace the asphalt with bright versions that will reflect away heat. All businesses reap benefits from a cool roof. Our team of experts for commercial roofing will study the climate and weather pattern around your business location before installing one.

Green Roofs

For an energy efficient roofing system, green roofs are ideal for commercial buildings with flat or shallow-pit roof. They are installed in the form of a simple plant cover to a garden. We recommend this technology for better storm water management. Green roofs offer natural insulation to eliminate the urban heat island effect. It could be more expensive to install them than other energy efficient roofing systems.

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  • Should we add insulation to save energy?

    Yes. Insulation assists in energy conservation because non-conductors of heat can hardly allow heat to escape through them. This guarantees your customers comfort under your roofs. Lack of insulation will create heat build-up inside your business area.
  • Why specify a cool roof?

    Cool roofs are specified because our clients have business in different weather, climatic or industry conditions. A roof that feels hot for one client may be too cold for another and vice versa. Harold Hall Roofing will perform an inspection of your commercial building to determine the correct temperatures for a cool roof. We will also recommend the right material to achieve the required temperature range.
  • What is the most energy efficient material?

    This will all depend on the climatic conditions of your business location. Some materials that could be very efficient in hot areas could prove ineffective in cooler areas.

    A cool roof must be made of a material that reflects more sunlight and absorbs a small amount of heat. Such materials include a very reflective type of paint, sheet covering, reflective tiles and sheets of fiber-reinforced by white PVC membranes.
  • Will I save money by using reflective roof products if my building already has a high level of insulation?

    You will save a considerable amount of cash because more reflective products call for reinforcement against energy loss. Your roof will also last longer.

Harold Hall Roofing is committed to delivering commercial energy efficient roofing systems to our clients. We devote our skills and knowledge to deliver cool and comfortable solutions at very competitive prices. Reach out now and let our experts create a cool commercial environment for you.

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