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Changes in weather conditions tend to bring severe infections that can damage your commercial roofing contractors in Memphis, TN & surrounding areas, or any property in the Mid-South. To this end, you must find a solution to protect you against the elements and ensure that your roofs are always in good condition. You should always check the rooftops of your building after tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and any other adverse weather conditions. No roofing system – however solid and durable, is entirely waterproof.

Unless you ensure that your roof is in good working condition 100% of the time, you will lose your clients. Companies that have booked spaces in your building could withhold rent, your business’s day-to-day running could be affected, or even worse, employee health may be at risk. This is why you need the services of commercial roofing contractors to assess the damage caused to your roof and to repair them.

Why Get Quality Commercial Roofing Contractor Services?

Harold Hall Roofing will provide you with the best appraisal of the existing conditions of your roof in Memphis, TN & surrounding areas. Additionally, you will receive specification preparation and a cost-benefit analysis of the various roof repair and replacement options available. We guarantee our work and always strive for customer satisfaction.

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Commercial Roofing Company Repair and Replacement

Roof damage can come in many forms. It can manifest as sagging roofs, damaged seams, clogged drains, or bubbles in the roofs. Noticeable signs also include stains in your walls or ceilings, foul odor, water puddles, and missing shingles. You may also notice an unusual surge in your energy bills for no apparent reason. These circumstances, coupled with the fact that your roof has been on there for more than 15 years, should lead you to just one question: roof repair or replacement?

Professional repair by trusted commercial roofing contractors is usually enough to deal with minor issues and may protect your building for a few more years at minimal costs. Some damage, however, may require a more solid and durable answer. Roof replacements can be a more expensive option for your company’s finances, but they may be a more cost-effective decision in the long run.

If you need commercial roofers‘ repairs or replacements, do not hesitate to contact us at Harold Hall Roofing. We are expert commercial roofers ready to help you at any time.

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Memphis Commercial Roofing System Maintenance, Inspection, and Cleaning

A big part of prolonging the life of your commercial roofing company systems is regular maintenance. To keep it in optimal condition for years and years, regular inspections, cleaning, and maintenance are a must.

A maintenance plan for a commercial roofing company should be done by a commercial roofing contractor. They can schedule regular roof inspections to help identify any loose shingles or leaks. They can check the particular areas through which the roofing system penetrates, such as chimneys, skylights, and vents. Major wear and tear around the eaves and joints should also be investigated thoroughly. These quality inspections should go beyond the surface to monitor the underlying structural supports.

Given the stress and exposure that a roof endures on a daily basis, commercial roof cleaning is an excellent service to invest in. It can improve performance, eliminate moisture, minimize fire hazards, improve the look of the roof, promote structural safety, prevent gutters clogs, and increase energy efficiency.

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What Should I Look For In A Construction Contract?

Before you sign a roofing contract, ensure that it is well-written, detailed, and broken down into separate items.

Additionally, it should provide an accurate estimate of the cost of the roof repair and/or replacement project. Over and above all, ensure that the construction contract includes the following:

  • The type of roof covering, color, and manufacturer
  • The materials to be used/included in the project e.g., ice dam protection membranes and underlayment Scope of work
  • Removal and/or replacement of the existing roofs
  • Flashing services
  • Ventilation services
  • Who will repair/replace the interior finished and exterior landscape that gets damaged during the project?
  • Installation method
  • Starting and completion dates
  • Payment procedures
  • Length of warranty
  • Aspects to be covered by the warranty

What Type Of Warranty Do I Get With My New Roof Or Repair?

We provide different types of warranties. First, we will give you the roofing manufacturer’s warranty, which will range from 10 to 30 years, depending on the material type and manufacture. We also provide a labor warranty to protect you in case of any mishaps that might arise during the project.

Do I Need A Permit?

Yes, you need a permit. When we provide you with the roofing project contract, we will include a permit to protect you and ensure you abide by local laws and regulations.

What Does A Commercial Roofing Warranty Cover?

Our warranties are 100 percent leak-free, no-nonsense, fully transferable, and last a lifetime. After the initial warranty, you will need to re-spray the top layer of white coating, add asphalt layers, and reinstate your roofs. Our warranties also cover free roof inspects and reports every 5 years.

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