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Harold Hall is the leading provider of commercial roofing services in Crossett, Arkansas. We have been in business for many years and have a proven track record of providing quality workmanship and customer service.
Our experienced staff can help you with any commercial roofing need you may have, from new construction to repair and maintenance. We also offer a variety of financing options to meet your needs. We are fully licensed and insured, and our work is guaranteed

Our Process:

At Harold Hall Roofing in Crossett, AR, we adhere to a simple and precise process to ensure quality results and customer satisfaction:

  • Consultation: The process starts with a comprehensive consultation where we understand your needs, inspect the site, and discuss potential solutions.
  • Proposal: After the initial assessment, we provide a detailed proposal outlining the necessary work, materials, timelines, and cost estimates.
  • Project Planning: Once the proposal is accepted, we plan out the project meticulously, factoring in every detail to ensure timely and efficient completion.
  • Installation: Our team of skilled professionals will then carry out the installation, repair, or replacement as per the agreed plan.
  • Quality Check: Upon completion, we perform rigorous quality checks to ensure all work meets or exceeds industry standards and our own stringent quality expectations.
  • Final Walkthrough: We conduct a final walkthrough with the client to ensure their satisfaction and answer any remaining questions they might have.
  • Aftercare:: After project completion, we stand by our work with ongoing customer service, providing maintenance advice and tips to prolong the life of your new roof.

5 Indicators That You Require a Commercial Roof Replacement in Crossett, AR

Presence of Water Leaks: If you notice water seeping through your roof following a rainstorm, this is a clear signal that you might need the commercial roof replacement services offered by Harold Hall Roofing in Crossett, AR.

Penetration of Outdoor Light: Similar to water leaks, if you observe any sunlight penetrating through your roof, it's a clear sign that you need at least some repairs, if not a complete replacement.

Unexpected Increase in Utility Bills: If your heating and cooling service providers are unable to identify the cause of unexpected heat or cooling loss, it's possible that your roof might be allowing air to escape, indicating the need for repair.

Damaged Roof Membrane: In case you spot bald patches on your roofing membrane, or if there's an uplift of 25% or more in the membrane due to recent stormy winds, it's advisable to consider a replacement. If left untreated, it's only a matter of time before rainwater begins to seep in.

Deterioration of the Roof Deck: Often compromised by water, the roof deck is crucial to check for any apparent signs of wear and tear. If you notice any such damage, it could be time to seek professional assistance.

What Harold Hall Commercial Roofing Offers:

  • Our business has been around since 1966, and has been an establishment for years on
  • Our ability to write down the specs, and draw design that is best for your commercial roofing needs
  • We are a license, bonded and ensured company. The protection of you and your assets is with our mind.
  • A roof warranty that will protect your investment for 15 - 20 years. The roof warranty best deal anywhere!
  • 24 hour service
  • We have a long list of customers who are satisifed with our service
  • We have a portfolio of thousands of successfull roof installations throughout mid south
  • A FREE energy audit just to show you a new roof can Pay for Itself!

Harold Hall Roofing in Crossett, AR, offers a diverse range of commercial roofing services tailored to various types of establishments:

Warehouses: We offer roofing services to warehouses, ensuring their goods and supplies are safeguarded from weather elements.

Factories: Our team expertly handles roofing for factories, keeping in mind the unique requirements and safety standards these industrial sites have.

Office Buildings: We cater to office buildings, focusing on both aesthetics and durability to provide a comfortable and secure work environment.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: We understand the critical nature of healthcare facilities, so we offer specialized roofing services ensuring minimal disruption and maximum hygiene and safety.

Churches: Respecting churches' sacredness and architectural uniqueness, we provide customized roofing solutions to these religious structures.

Churches: Respecting churches' sacredness and architectural uniqueness, we provide customized roofing solutions to these religious structures.

Schools and Universities: With an eye on safety and longevity, we provide roofing solutions for educational institutions, including schools and universities, enhancing the learning environment.

Retail Stores: We offer roofing services for retail stores, considering both the store's need for protection and the appeal it needs to attract customers.

Restaurants: We provide specially designed roofing services for restaurants, taking into account factors such as sound insulation, aesthetics, and durability.

Country Clubs: Recognizing the premium and luxury needs of country clubs, we provide high-quality, upscale roofing solutions to meet their unique specifications.

How long can you expect a Commercial Roof to last?

The lifespan of your roof depends largely on two factors: the quality of materials used and the excellence of the installation process. It's a given that all roofs will require maintenance over time. However, a well-installed, high-quality roof system can be the key differentiator between needing regular refurbishment and facing an untimely requirement for complete commercial roofing replacement.
Harold Hall Roofing's team of commercial roofing contractors in Crossett, AR, are licensed, bonded, and insured, proudly serving Crossett and surrounding areas.
We specialize in providing top-tier installation, replacement, and repair services for low-slope and metal roofing across various commercial properties, encompassing warehouses, retail outlets, office buildings, educational institutions, medical facilities, and more.
As certified installers for leading manufacturers, we offer an extensive array of roofing systems to match the requirements of any building structure and budget.
At Harold Hall Roofing, our commercial roofing experts approach every project with the highest level of professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and unrivaled customer service. Your complete satisfaction is our priority, and we go the extra mile to ensure that upon completion of the project, you are a thoroughly contented client.
Whether you are looking for a new roof or need repairs, we are here to help. Harold Hall in Crossett, AR is committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation.


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