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Duro Last Roofing Services in Memphis TN

Less sensitive to workmanship than other roof systems. Easy to control quality; the majority of workmanship is in seams. Integrity of roof is not dependent on bonding of layers. No detrimental affects of ponding water. Thermoshock not a concern. Widest window of installation temperature range. Recover of existing acceptable, routine and proven. Light weight. Re-roof weight load is not a concern. Easy to repair. Always heat weld able. Prefabrication.

Benefits Of Duro-Last Roofing Contractors

Duro-Last is a thermoplastic blend, it remains heat weldable throughout its life. It's recyclable and environmentally friendly. Advanced proven technology. PVC-based thermoplastics are oldest in the industry with over 30 years of experience. No checking, crazing or chalking. Highly resistant to sunlight. Highly resistant to caustic chemicals, petroleum-based products, and acids. Maintains flexibility. Roof system not affected by fungus, bacteria, and normal pollutants. Prefabrication. Duro-Last Is A White Reflective Roof Benefits of White Highest Energy Star@ rating. Reduces energy cost (even aged roofs). Minimizes the affects of ultra violet rays on roof system. Environmentally friendly. Duro-Last Has Strong Polyester Reinforcement.

Benefits of Polyester Reinforcement

Superior puncture resistance; greatly reduces punctures and tears. Greatly enhances wind resistance. Greatly reduces shrinkage of the membrane. Duro-Last Is A Mechanically Attached Roof System

Benefits of the Duro-Last Mechanically Attached Roof

Superior wind ratings and actual performance. Easy repair and maintenance. Damaged areas are easy to visually locate. Building expansion and contraction not a concern. No ballast provides lightweight roof with no structural load concern! Tear off not always necessary reducing additional cost to customer. Toxic glues and adhesives not present at jobsite. Duro-Last Has Heat Welded Seams, Benefits of Heat Welded Seams Roof system is a monolithic covering. No toxic glues or adhesives needed. Integrity of seam is not compromised by UV, chemicals, ponding water or other outside actors. Not dependent on "unlike" products to adhere to each other. Seaming process is one step. Duro-Last Is a Prefabricated Roof System

Benefits of the Prefabricated Duro-Last Roof System

Dielectric welds are consistently quality welds. Reduces field labor and minimizes installation time. Greatly reduces call backs. Minimizes rooftop judgments by applicators. Major portion of workmanship liability assumed by manufacturer. Duro-Last Has Complete Line of Prefabricated Flashings Benefits of the Prefabricated Duro-Last Roof System Greatly reduces call backs where they usually occur. Minimizes roof top judgment by applicator at the most critical location on the roof. Virtually eliminates workmanship at the "change of plane." Major portion of workmanship liability assumed by manufacturer. Fast easy installation. Get in touch with us today!

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