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The Resilience of Duro-Last Roofing

Duro-Last is less sensitive to workmanship than other roof systems. With easy to control quality, the majority of workmanship is in seams. The integrity of the roof is not dependent on the bonding of layers. It has no detrimental effects of ponding water, and thermoshock is not a concern. It also has the widest window of the installation temperature range.

This roof system is lightweight. Re-roof weight load is not a concern, and it’s easy to repair; always heat weldable and prefabricated.

Memphis Duro-Last Roofing Benefits

Duro-Last is a thermoplastic blend; it remains heat weldable throughout its life. It’s recyclable and environmentally friendly and has advanced proven technology. PVC-based thermoplastics are the oldest in the industry, with over 30 years of experience. No checking, crazing, or chalking. It’s highly resistant to sunlight, caustic chemicals, petroleum-based products, and acids, and always maintains flexibility. This roof system is not affected by fungus, bacteria, and typical pollutants. Duro-Last is a white reflective roof with the benefits of the White Highest Energy Star rating. It reduces energy costs (even old roofs). It minimizes the effects of ultraviolet rays on the roof system. Environmentally friendly, Duro-Last has strong polyester reinforcement.

With all of these outstanding features, Duro-Last® is the perfect option for any property owner or manager in search of a flat or low-sloped roofing application. Be it schools, churches, or multi-purpose industrial buildings, Duro-Last® provides unmatched durability, sizable savings, and excellent warranties available in the market today.

It should be noted, however, that to achieve the long-lasting, top-quality results you deserve, a Duro-Last® system should only be installed by an authorized and certified roofing contractor equipped with thorough training, education, and skills like Harold Hall Commercial Roofing.

Energy efficiency is just one aspect of a Duro-Last® roof. It boasts of being able to reduce energy and cooling costs for your business property, which will, in turn, cut your overhead operating costs and save you money! Because of its highly reflective white surface, Duro-Last’s ® white membrane can reduce your energy consumption by up to 40%. What’s more, it is entirely recyclable and can help facilities with a few LEED certifications.

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With a Duro-Last® roof being a single membrane, the entire installation process is quick, quiet, efficient, and safe. This means fewer interruptions for your business and more savings for you.

The industry’s best warranties back the confidence we have with the Duro-Last system. We offer you our standard, comprehensive 15-year full warranty, which, among other things, is transferable, has no exclusions for ponding water, and even covers damages from defects in the material itself. We also offer 20-year warranties on the Duro-Last, our single-ply vinyl roofing systems designed for your commercial and industrial installations in Memphis.

Benefits of Polyester Reinforcement

Polyester reinforcement has superior puncture resistance; significantly reduces punctures and tears. It dramatically enhances wind resistance and reduces shrinkage of the membrane. Duro-Last is a mechanically-attached roof system.

Benefits of Duro-Last Mechanically-Attached Roofing

Duro-Last has superior wind ratings and actual performance. It’s very easy to repair and maintain. Damaged areas are easy to locate visually, and building expansion and contraction are not a concern.

No ballast provides a lightweight roof with no structural load concern! Tear off not always necessary, reducing the additional cost to the customer.

Duro-Last has heat-welded seams, giving it a monolithic covering. No toxic glues or adhesives needed. The integrity of the seam is not compromised by UV, chemicals, ponding water, or other outside actors. Not dependent on “unlike” products to adhere to each other, and the seaming process is one step.

Benefits of the Prefabricated Duro Last Roof System

Dielectric welds are consistently quality welds. They reduce field labor, callbacks, and minimizes installation time.

The manufacturer assumes a significant portion of workmanship liability. Duro-Last has a complete line of prefabricated flashing benefits. It virtually eliminates workmanship at the “change plane,” and installation is fast and easy.

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