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Tapered Roofing Systems in Memphis TN

Most commercial building owners ignore the benefits of tapered roofing when estimating how long a roof can last. Lack of or inhibited drainage on commercial roofs will cause more damage (40 per cent) than UV light, wind, extreme temperatures, ice flow on the roof, snow, a tree branch falls on roof and feet on the roof.

A strong foundation is the starting point to a successful construction whether it is the basement of a building or the insulation of a roof system. When looking for quality commercial roofing systems, a well-designed insulation will be key to long-term protection.

Why Is Tapered Roof Recommended?

Efficient drainage is imperative if you want a safe roof that will last long. Most warranties and insurance policies do not cover roof damages resulting from ponded water and freeze-thaw cycles. Harold Hall Roofing helps clients avoid costly repairs and premature roof failure resulting from such causes.

Located in Memphis and throughout the Mid-South, we design and build tapered roof systems that are easy to maintain without interfering with your building's structure. This kind of roofing is recommended for new buildings and those roofs that need complete replacement. Tapered roof systems are preferred for their proven ability to eliminate ponding water on roofs.

Our professionals recommend white tapered roof surfaces because they reflect UV light, leaving them 20% cooler than their black counterparts. This also helps you cut costs that you could have incurred to achieve a cooler atmosphere.

Tapered roofs are insulated in a manner that creates high thermal performance, which enhances comfort besides providing a flexible design.

Our team is experienced at replacing damaged roofs, installing roofs on new buildings, performing routine inspections and doing emergency repairs on commercial tapered roof systems.

How much production is gained during the tapered roof layout?

Commercial tapered roof systems help our clients save more than 50% in their labor budgets in comparison to traditional methods.

Why use tapered roof system?

Tapered roof systems are known to shed water better and are more resistant to extreme weather conditions like wind and hail. Why risk water accumulation in your roof shingles that can only cause wood rotting and leaks? They are also preferred since they allow for better water harvesting.

Our company considers flat roofs as a little complicated since many commercial building owners do not know how to effectively waterproof them. Flat roofs will always require more attention and maintenance than tapered roofs.

My roof ponds water, is there anything I can do to get rid of it?

Yes, we have a solution for that. You need to use tapered insulation. You can also use roof drains to eliminate your ponding problems. You can’t achieve 100% when expelling ponding due to deflections in the roof decking.

Our team of experts at Harold Hall Roofing will always use their experience to build quality tapered roofing systems across the Mid-South. We repair damages as well for affordable prices. Don’t hesitate to contact us right away to eliminate ponding problems from your tapered roof, repair it or build you a new one that suits your commercial building's design.

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