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Commercial Roof Deck Installation in Memphis TN

Are you looking for a reliable commercial roof decking company in Memphis or throughout the Midsouth? If yes, make sure the business you are hiring is capable of doing the job flawlessly. You may need the services of a commercial roofing contractor for solving a range of issues; only experienced, qualified, and skilled professionals will be able to offer perfect solutions to all your roofing problems.

Get Tips From A Roof Deck Contractor

When installing a new roofing system, you cannot afford to stick to the damaged roof decking your building has. It’s because installing a brand new product on a comparatively old and worn-out substrate will not help you to get rid of the roofing issues completely. If the decking is not sturdy and thick enough, the roofing workers could struggle with carrying out even basic work. Having the right kind of roof decking installed is also essential for maintaining the wind resistance of the roofing system.

The service providers you hire should know how to work without causing any damage to the newly installed roof. Remember, the performance of a commercial roof system can be compromised if new equipment and penetrations are not applied with proper precautions. Damage triggered by foot traffic might also turn out to be detrimental, there are regular instances of construction traffic resulting in the formation of cuts and scrapes on new roof decks that take the shape of leaks in as little as a few days.

Where to Get the Best Commercial Roof Decking Services?

Harold Hall Roofing is the most trusted commercial roofing decking firm in the Mid-South. We have been operating in this part of the country since 1966.

We work using a specially formulated roofing system called Duro-Last. Our experienced roofing workers will install the system onto your roof promptly and flawlessly. With us, you will never need to worry about possibilities of formation of punctures and leaks from cuts and scratches caused by installation equipment. The roof decking installed by us would be sturdy enough to hold all structural parts of the roof together..

Duro-Last has amazing wind ratings and possesses the ability to increase wind resistance significantly. In addition, the system is also capable of reducing membrane shrinkage. The roof decking installed by us will stay in perfect shape for decades; you will not need to call back repair persons from time to time.

Is it important to reattach or replace the roof decking when removing the existing roof?

The decking should be inspected meticulously after the roof covering gets removed. It should be replaced if any damage is detected. For maximum wind-resistance (if the existing conditions permit) and resistance created by windborne debris, the decking must be thick. Ideally, you should opt for 5/8 inch thick plywood.

Are the gable-end bracing and roof-to-wall connections in my building adequate?

Roof-to-wall connections are recommended for buildings located in high wind areas. The brackets should be installed after the roof gets removed. There are possibilities that your roofing contractor will not be able to install the bracing and need assistance from a local building contractor for getting the job done. To install the bracing, one would first need to remove the bottom decking. This will be followed by installation of the bracing and repositioning of the decking. Hurricanes often lead to the collapse of gable-end walls. To avoid such incidents, additional bracing needs to be installed on the gable-ends.

When should you replace roof deck?

Usually, roof decks stay in good shape for up to 20 years. However, you should get it inspected regularly, particularly after storms and heavy rain falls. If the damages incurred are serious, don’t wait to get the decking replaced.

If you are looking to repair your roof deck, replace or have a completely new system installed, Harold Hall Roofing are the commercial roof decking company for you. Call our office today for a free estimate.

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